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Deep Thoughts

Got a couple niggas up in the bin
Sometimes I think
I’m, never ever ever gon see em again
Even if I did sometimes don’t think
We cud ever be friends
Cuz I knew a different nigga on da outside
Then the nigga on the inside
Doubles entendre
Shit make u ponder
Don’t believe in magic
But I seen a dog act like a pig
Turn to an anaconda
On da, otherside
I wonder how u smile
When u know on the otherside
All we see is trials
Wild child
All u wanna do is get riled up
Catch flights, no pilots
No episodes, just seasons
Coming and leaving
Struggle and grieving
Looking for a reason
to Keep on believing

Sometimes I pray, I never lose faith
How ironic it is
Ask God I don’t ever stop
Believing in him
Pleading to him don’t leave me in sin
Ain’t easy to win
But it’s easy to think
Asked questions
Ain’t ever found the answer
truth be told I coulda looked harder
but I was scared of the truth
scared it wouldn’t be what I needed to sooth
my doubts and worries
hoes and blunts
hoes and blunts
hoes and bluts bitch make it blurry
hit me early
I miss that ignorance
but the difference
between me and you
is I live wid it
even tho it hurt
I’m talking bout the earth
and memories
of the people long gone who promised that they would never leave
some try to conquer the world effortlessly
I told em please
how can you own this world when your life’s on lease?

Rest in peace to the niggas in pieces
bitches deceased them
itching to leave em
digging for a reason
to get up and go, dig gold, where the wine flow
picture a heathen
making a promise, swearing they honest, to a God they don’t believe in
how the fuck you believe him?
same question they ask a believer!
some niggas get head in the churches
after a sermon
the real performance is behind the curtains
same person learning, same person lurking
working say a blessing get to cursing
flirting with everything un-certain
running from hurting
from NY to berlin keep it urban
soul yearning for learning
pockets yearning for earnings
heart burning for a permanent
place in another one
no bubble gum
cuz u cud take a hundred suns
and put em beside the love of your life
I promise a hundred of them wud be cold as ice

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